Thursday, 4 January 2018

Welcome to the South Pool One-Place Study

South Pool Creek

What is an OPS?
A One Place Study (as opposed to the genealogical work of an Online Parish Clerk or the worldwide surname reach of a One Name Study) focuses on the history of a specific place.  By ‘history’, I don’t just mean dates and events, but also its social history – the people who lived there and what they did for a living.  A place’s history can also include maps and picture postcards, details of the names on the war memorial, how it appeared in the Domesday Book, and more.

The OPS for South Pool in Devon, England includes the hamlets of North Pool and Frogmore, and has been registered with the Society for OnePlace Studies and the Directory of One Place Studies.

My privacy policy means I consider individuals born under 110 years ago are to be regarded as living (unless a death date is known, of course), and so information on them will not be published on this site.  The 1911 census and the 1939 Register have been used as a resource for individuals only where their use would mean that the person was born over 110 years ago.

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