If inhabitants of South Pool needed to go into a workhouse, the one they entered was in Kingsbridge.

Kingsbridge Workhouse

The following inmates were South Pool-born:

Louisa CLARK, unmarried, age 24, dressmaker
Harriet CLARK, age 3
John HARVEY, age 10
Maria PERRATON, unmarried, age 27, general servant

1861 - workhouse staff were enumerated, but no inmates named

Mary BEER, unmarried, age 84, charwoman
Mary CHOPE, widow, age 80
Jemima HAWKINGS, unmarried, age 43, servant
Charles ROGERS, scholar, age 9
Elizabeth ROGERS, scholar, age 5
Jane ROGERS, scholar, age 3

John LEGASSICK, widower, age 72, formerly farm labourer

William Francis LEGASSICK, widower, age 72, ag lab