Useful Links

The links below make up what Thomas MacEntee calls a 'Research Toolbox'.  It's rather like the bookmarks you have carefully kept in your browser, so you know where to go back to when you find a fabulous site you know you'll revisit.

So here is the South Pool OPS's Research Toolbox.  It is definitely a work-in-progress as I find more sites to put in here.

South Pool Militia on Friends of Devon Archives
"1715 Militia Assessments and related documents"
South Pool on GenUKI
GENUKI defines itself as a 'virtual reference library' and covers all areas of the country, from cities and counties to villages and hamlets.  It includes transcriptions as well as links, and should be the first stop for the serious genealogist.

South Pool Online Parish Clerk (OPC)
[Not to be confused with the Council-appointed Parish Clerk.]  I am also the OPC, and in this role I focus more on the genealogical side of things, rather than studying the history of a place.
Covers the area of South Devon between Dartmoor and the River Erme.  "A collection of transcriptions of church registers and the 1841 census, plus a free lookup service in registers and other materials that have not been transcribed, for the South Hams area of Devon, England." (, accessed April 2015)

GenWestUK This is the main genealogy blog of Ros Haywood and covers genealogical topics as they relate to the UK's "West Country" (Devon and Cornwall).  Linked to Geneabloggers, Ros's own genealogy is featured here.

FamilySearch South Pool wiki
Adopted by OPC and OPS Ros Haywood, this FamilySearch wiki page provides info on South Pool and is another public Research Toolbox, with useful links.

A volunteer project, this " is an initiative to help make more high quality primary (or near-primary) records of relevance to UK genealogy conveniently available online, preferably for free, in a coherent, easy to access and search, facility or set of facilities."

Devon Heritage
A site chock-full of information about Devon: military, industrial, genealogical, educational, and architectural.

Devon Family History Society
Formed in 1976, this is the largest Family History Society in the UK.  The DFHS states that its objectives are "to promote the study of genealogy and history, especially of Devon families and places, to educate the public therein through advice and instruction, and, for the public benefit, to encourage the preservation and transcription of relevant documents and records, especially for the county of Devon."

Salcombe History Society (includes South Pool)
Histories and surnames in the surrounding area.