South Pool in 1851 census
Some South Pool residents in the 1851 census

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1841 census
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1851 census
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1861 census
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1871 census
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1881 census
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1891 census
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1901 census
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  • 1841: 555
  • 1851: 486
  • 1861: 415
  • 1871: 429
  • 1881: 395
  • 1891: 346
  • 1901: 296
  • 1911: 257

My privacy policy means I consider individuals born under 110 years ago are to be regarded as living (unless a death date is known, of course), and so information on them will not be published on this site.  The 1911 census has been used as a resource for individuals only where their use would mean that the person was born over 110 years ago.