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My privacy policy means I consider individuals born under 110 years ago are to be regarded as living (unless a death date is known, of course), and so information on them will not be published on this site.  The 1911 census has been used as a resource for individuals only where its use would mean that the person was born over 110 years ago.

The links contained within the table take you to FREE external sites.  More links will be added as I complete transcriptions and add them to this site. 

1841 census
(FamilySearch site)
1851 census
(FamilySearch site)
1861 census
(FreeCEN site)
1871 census
(FamilySearch site)
1881 census
(FamilySearch site)
(Ancestry, FMP are free for this one only;
you don’t have to have a subscription)
1891 census
(FreeCEN site)
1901 census
(FamilySearch site)

I am also transcribing the early parish registers of South Pool.  These will be added to the resources at our4bears and linked to from the FamilySearch Wiki.  Those marked as 'offline' are in my possession as well as on the our4bears site:

Baptisms 1664-1699 (available offline and on, 1750-1812 (offline and on 1813-1837
Marriages 1665-1699 (offline and also on, 1700-1837
Burials 1664-1699 (offline and also on, 1700-1837